Cotton Embroidery Sarees

Paridhi Sarees, is well known for manufacturing and supplying cotton embroidery sarees in India. We have a team of expert craftsmen who are well aware of the design, namely embroidery. No, matter what kind of cotton embroideries sarees you are looking for, we are there to match your requirements.

One of the most popular design patterns of saree is embroidery. It adds a unique look to any type of clothes and when it is done to a saree, the whole thing becomes fabulous. It was the ancient time that first witnessed embroidery works and it is so attractive a design pattern that it is prevalent even today. Then it was mainly done by the skilled craftsmen, but with the advancement of the technology, machine designed embroidery came into the market. Today, you can avail both the options.

Embroidery Designs of Today

With the passage of time and the change in the world of fashion, the embroidery design patterns have also gone through a profound transformation. These days, embroidery designs are very high in demand, no matter if it is handmade or machine made. The impact of it is such that even the most famous fashion designers show a lot of interest in the design pattern. Generally, the designs are made with soft silk thread, gold and silver thread, multi-combination thread etc. You can also have sparkling saree or Zardozi in which heavy gemstones are engraved. Paridhi Sarees manufacture and supply all the above mentioned types of embroidery cotton sarees.

We are with both Latest and Conventional Styles

We, Paridhi Sarees, always go for latest styles. One of them is the classic motif embroidery that is done on the bottom part of the saree to give it a subtle look. The same design can also be done on the sides of the saree so that they can be visible on the pallu. Our embroidered designs on the net cotton sarees are also very popular. At Paridhi Sarees, you can get all the above-mentioned types of cotton embroidery sarees in India. We also manufacture the heavy work embroidery cotton sarees that are chiefly meant for occasions like parties, wedding ceremonies and any other important functions. With us, you can even have the light or medium embroidery work sarees that are very trendy and are well known as casual wear.

Why Us?

  • We chiefly focus on the fact that the designs are crafted using high quality fabric, so that the overall look of the saree can be intensified.
  • We have a team of expert fashion designers who are well aware of the trends and can satisfy your requirements.
  • We also pay a huge attention to the comfort level and that’s why we use such fabrics that are lightweight and can be put on for every occasion.
  • We are one of the leading cotton embroidery saree manufacturers in India, selling high quality clothing for women at competitive rates.

So, if you are looking for embroidery saree manufacturers in India, you should try us once to get the best deal.

Collection of Cotton Embroidery Sarees